• Cindy Peterson

Are You Ready for the New Normal?

With vaccination efforts progressing across the country, communities and businesses are starting to look at what’s next for them in the post-lockdown world. 2020 was an unprecedented year, and what was successful pre-pandemic might not yield the same results today. Consumers have become weary and skeptical of social media platforms, specifically around the algorithms and targeted advertising methods. In addition, with so much time spent at home, social routines and norms have been disrupted, and even though restrictions are being lifted, there are still new rules for everyone to adapt to.

All of this complexity means simple visibility will go a long way. The Go/Do app is a free, non-social platform that puts users back in control of searching for options for things to do and places to eat. Giving people control, and making it easy for them to engage, helps connect local businesses with both the community at large, and visitors, as people grow more comfortable traveling.

If your community organization is looking for innovative ways to created connection as we all transition through the phases of this pandemic, Go/Do has the cost-efficient, flexible approach you need. A community sponsorship demonstrates to your members and local businesses that you support them and are here to help drive visibility that leads to much needed revenue. Contact us today to find out more about how Go/Do creates connected communities!

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