• McKenzie Schwark

Creating Connection to Support Local

This time has been especially hard on small and local businesses. Numerous businesses close each day, which hurts our local communities. One way that we can stimulate our local economies and ensure that small and local businesses are here to stay is by patroning them more often and switching out our regular big brands for locally made products.

Supporting local puts money directly back into your community

When $100 is spent at a locally owned business, an estimated $68 stays within the community. Whereas, when $100 is spent at a chain or big brand store, only an estimated $43 stays within the community. Supporting local and small businesses helps stimulate local economies and that money helps to directly, positively impact that community.

Find unique and different products or services

Local businesses tend to carry interesting products that are often area-specific. Supporting locally helps keep the market interesting and ensures there are a lot of unique and cool products and brands to choose from. You probably won’t find a t-shirt with your small town, or beauty products made with fresh, local ingredients at a big chain store. But you’re likely to find interesting pieces and products that aren’t mass-produced. This is why local shops make such great spots to do holiday or gift shopping! With a little creativity you’re likely to find new staple products and items you’ll want to restock on year-round.

Local business owners care about their communities

Big businesses tend to be profit-focused, and need to keep investors and shareholders happy. Small businesses don’t have those same relationships with investors, so they’re way more likely to listen and care about the needs of the communities in which they operate. You are also way more likely to get individualized help and recommendations from a local vendor, rather than when you speak with a customer service representative with a big company.

Supporting local takes just a little extra effort

Old habits die hard. It’s easy to fall back on the go-to big name brands we have all become accustomed to. Go/Do makes finding local businesses that fit your needs super easy. No digging through pages and pages of promoted search ads, or scrolling through social media to find what you’re looking for. There are lots of small businesses to support, you just have to find them!

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