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We know this is a scary and uncertain time for people and businesses. Our normal lives have been upended, and we don't know how long it's going to be until we recover. It's especially scary when you are a small business owner who relies on customer interactions. 

At Go/Do, we are working with communities to help businesses get visibility in new ways, and our app allows users to easily access and sort through all of the overwhelming information about how to continue supporting businesses and their community.

For example: 
1. We can provide listings of restaurants who will stay open for takeout or deliveries
2. We can show daily "specials" of restaurants who are offering up free meals for children who no longer have access to their school lunches
3. We can promote online "events" such as classes, concerts, zoo showings and more so that people have a better way to organize this information (which makes them more likely to attend virtually).
4. We can list hospitals or other community resource centers that can help people in times of need.

And we can do all of this quickly and easily without much extra work from you all, because we know everyone is feeling overwhelmed. In addition, we are providing this at a minimal, reduced rate with no contracts, only to cover our costs, knowing everyone is already feeling the burden. 

We would love to be a part of helping your community and local businesses stay healthy during these uncertain times!

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What started off as an app to help busy parents find things to do has grown into a tool that helps create vibrant, connected communities. Since 2018, Go/Do has been making users’ lives easier by bringing together scattered information, so they can find themselves in their community while making lasting memories with friends and family.

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